shall we blog?

Many people believe pictures of their kids shouldn't be on the Internet.
Well, here is the latest on the family front. Hannah's featured on this blog "I love what I do." There's a whole story on one of the New York Times blogs about how writing can be good for your health. But does that go for sharing on the interweb?
   I started this blog ten years ago, when I didn't really know what a blog was. So I made it up. At first I wrote mainly about my family and friends, using pseudonyms. I thought of it as a kind of soap opera serial. But then I got in trouble for that and started distancing myself. I decided to make the blog self promotion, about building and then renting houses on Block Island (this is the current wave in blogdom). Now it's kind of back to being what me and my friends are up too. Only with Facebook and the web and everyone blogging it is all public now, so I'm not really delivering any news. And of course I started several other blogs too, like The President of the Garden Club and Why  I Can't Stop Smoking. But nothing really ever took off.
  Now this blog has descended into a kind of record of where I was when, which is of little interest to anyone but me (although that has its value given my confounded memory!).
  So I don't know what to do. A decade is a long time.


Swampgassy said...

Don't stop

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

I concur...

Pete said...

A decade is nothing. I used to say, Such-and-such happened 10 years ago -- until I realized it was 15 years ago. Then I went through the "20 years ago" period -- until realizing it was really 30. So I've gotten out the calendar and can now say my first published story was about 40 years ago. The other day, a milestone, my wife and I got a "senior" sticker on our ShopRite card. Etc.