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Milla likes animals made out of vegetables and fruits, so we made some when she was here.
Here is a guy who makes beautiful work out of paper he finds on the  street.
Gil just got back from Cape Town and Zimbabwe. You can listen to his Cape Town Cutz here.
Here are a few thoughts from Mark Twain.
  The disconnect between what people are doing and thinking and posting on Facebook here and what is going on in Paris is giving me whiplash. Michele weighs in on the way creative people in France are feeling. As a former journalist and now teacher in a mixed high school, she observes societal tensions firsthand:
   "I have worked with 2 of the cartoonists that were shot, and with one journalist who is injured but alive. He can't talk (bullet in the mouth), but he can write.
It has been a couple of horrible days here. But today's demonstration was so big, so huge, so powerful that people (and me) feel better. Let's see what the next days will be... But it is very tense.
Destiny makes me a witness of all this in a very bad high school where students were unable to observe one minute of silence for the dead. We even heard some Allah Akbar during the ceremony, which was a real shock. It seems like the administration is so afraid that they don't' dare to do anything.
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otra rubia said...

I'd love to hear more from Michele. So interesting.

DaDa said...

Send hug to Michele, feel for her and her city.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

thank you Claudia and Michele...a most terrible time...again