Bobby Alpert /Photo by Douglas Gasner
Love this picture of Bobby, drink (probably gin) in his hand, the good times boy.
   Love Bobby.
   He died of lung cancer this weekend.
   He tried to keep people away. "I am on my deathbed!" he protested.
   He wanted to be alone at the end as he mostly was in life.
   Douglas insisted on coming down to say goodbye. He saw him on Friday and said that Bobby kept closing his eyes and then opening them up to take a peek. "It was like he was hoping I would be gone when he he opened his eyes," said Douglas.
   As Douglas left the room, he said goodbye.
   "I'll see you," said Bobby. "I just don't know where."


D.R. said...

You're getting too good at writing memorials, I'm sorry to say. I'm sorry you lost your friend.

Monte Davis said...

I'm sorry, Claudia. The photo brought him back vividly.