news from all over

And I mean all over.
    Photog Keri Pickett has made something of a specialty of forbidden lands lately, with her umpteenth trip to Burma (she is interviewed on Burmese TV above) and then a trip to Cuba the first day it was allowed. Here's an article in the NYT that makes you want to go to Burma even more.
   Moviemaker Wesley Strick (old boyfriend) has been busy, doing a story about his ubertalented stepfather's burlesque popup book (best use of GIFs I've seen) and scripting a thriller opening this week, The Loft, first motionposter I've seen.
   Artist Jessica Rath opens her showA Better Nectar in LA this week, with human-sized honeycombs wired for sound. In other Ozark news, here are some great old photographs from Arkansas by Mike Disfarmer. Also, incredibly, there is a movement afoot to ban spanking in Missouri schools.
   In family news, Harry Kane made an outrageous documentary about his grandfather Walter's 100th birthday party. When I saw that I was limping around that badly two years ago, I instantly set about the process of a knee repair.
  And Hannah has debuted  another Calm-a-Mama product called Cheer, for the winter blues. That's it for now!

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