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The venue

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The book signing
It was a successful outing for the author of The Reach of Roots and Seeds. Peggy Purcell's fans were out en mass to applaud her latest work. She started things off on a humorous note:
"People ask me if I miss my children since I moved to Mexico/ I tell them no/I would have missed them more/had I seen them more before! " This struck a note with many ex-pats here, mostly women of a certain age who are self-exiled from ex-husbands and grown children and their old lives. San Miguel de Allende is to aging females as Key West and Palm Springs are to aging males.
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Anonymous said...

That one about her children-- oh snap!

Claudia said...

Writers, dammit. They throw everybody under the bus!

otra rubia said...

Is your mother a Sagittarian?

It Takes One to Know One

cba said...

Looks like a triumph! Love to Peggy.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

runs in the family...sharp minds