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John Gasner got this shot from a helicopter.
Year 2000. My daughter left for college. My lover left me. My magazine folded.
    But my stock options came in, and the septic system for Claudia's Surf City went in. My first rental season—yes, without porches—was in 2001. Three thousand a week. Some of those same people are still coming back every year, at $4700 a week. And now there are new people tussling over every week in July and August. People try flattery, tears, cajoling, anger, insistence and persistence to get the week they want. They want to reserve long in advance, as if I would accrue any benefit from that. (Repeat after me: "This is not a time share.") No one has tried bribery yet. I'm waiting.
   Sorry, I'm booked for the season.


otra rubia said...

I remember the porchless version. It was very Shaker-like. Beautiful.

cba said...

Push for the bribery.

Other than that,


Repeat after me:

"If nine out of ten people think it's a great idea, and I'm the only one who doesn't, I"M WRONG!"

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

write the memoire...how to be a successful landlord in 3 easy lessons...

Claudia said...

I seem to have heard this recently.
Meanwhile, my brother Chris says that's his Jeep in the yard. We must've been building out the inside--putting in floors and bathrooms and kitchens and walls and stuff. It was nice before, too. I have a pic Katie painted in the surf shop.

D.R. said...

Great news! Don't rent that Lo weekend in October!