homage to frank martin

The sunset last evening in New York was a lurid red, promise of an evil day today. And indeed, it's 4 degrees with 45 mph gusts after a shorts day yesterday. But hey, I'm not complaining— I saw that picture of the ice-shrouded lighthouse in Michigan.
   Almost every day on Facebook, the editor/ newspaper publisher of a small paper somewhere in the Ozarks posts a limerick, some are lame, some inspired, but the sheer volume is impressive—maybe 350 so far. Sometimes his admirers riposte with a verse of their own, but he usually shoots them down. Amateurs, after all. Anyway, as with most of us these days, the weather is an, er, cold topic.
Here's one of Frank's :

Surely it can't be minus three,
you have to be kidding me,
but when you can, please,
pass the antifreeze,
my coffee has frozen on me

And one of mine:
 The winter has gone berserk
Far beyond a quirk
Bundled up like a geezer
In a deep freezer
And the next day dressed to twerk

It's catching. Please feel free to submit one of your own. And speaking of catching, here's a website following the flu north.


himself said...


You describe my work as crass,
on counting, take a pass,
with this wonderful one
I've done five-fifty-one,
and every one with much class



All night the dogs had to go,
outside they always went slow,
they'd had little to drink,
so you know what I think?
they like to make yellow snow

Anonymous said...

There's nothing that makes you so old
As a whiff of this sub-zero cold
Your feet start a-slippin,
Your fingers stop grippin,
And your figure's a thing to behold.

Claudia said...

Sorry, wrong number.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

the light on those buildings looks really so warm...
it's hard to believe there will be a storm...
but now it's so cold
it makes me feel old
since my hands and toes can barely perform???

Claudia said...

One more try

It’s cold as a witches tit
And I think it feels like shit
Oh wait, they’ve got threes
Hanging out in the breeze
No wonder they’re all frostbit

Claudia said...

I'll beat Frank to the punch: Stick with painting. . .

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

painful eh?