starry night

Note from my sister:

The Geminid Meteor Shower (also known as the "Claudia Dowling Meteor Shower") will launch at 10 pm on December 13th for the enjoyment and celebration of all. To make it more stunning, there will be no moon so now all your friends have to do is find a place with no light pollution (good luck with that) and take a bottle of champagne, a blanket or two, and their eyes (if over 50, perhaps some binoculars) and toast the Claudia Dowling falling stars which will decorate the night sky at the rate of around 100 an hour.
   One astronomer, explaining this in lay terms, said "Imagine a dump truck full of sand racing around an oval racetrack. The sand will spray off the truck around the corners in a very even way. In this way, the debris stream of the Claudia Dowling Meteor Shower is continuous and predictable."

So in case you are wondering whether anyone will remember your birthday this year, the Gods have spoken.


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You sure know how to celebrate!

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did you see them?