the best shower in the world

It hides behind a barn door on the back porch of Claudia's Surf City with a view of the salt pond. The pressure is ferocious. And now, thanks to Peter of Hull Suburban Propane, the water is once again as hot as you want it to be.
Yes, the new Bosch on-demand hot water heater is in. Isn't it precious? It's about one by two feet and eight inches thick. It will produce enough hot water for you to shower 24-7. But please don't.
If you care to quarrel with this assessment, please tell me why your shower is better than mine.


Anonymous said...

This is the #1 shower in the world. Followed by Johnny's "shower-in-da-woods" and then followed by my own. Which is an INDOOR shower that still ranks high.

Nice on-demand, baby.

Claudia said...

I forgot to mention that many consider my shower at home in NY the WORST in the world.

Dianne said...

Well maybe you should get one of these Bosch on-demand heaters for your NYC apartment & another for The Goose ... after all, you should have the best no matter WHERE you are!
(Of course, the cost would represent a significant percentage of the total cost of THE GOOSE!!!)

Anonymous said...

Yes dear, you are right. From now on we will think of it as your golden shower

Claudia said...

Really, the reason this shower is great isn't shown: the view. You can stand in that shower, quite privately, and look at the saltwater pond behind the house, the bayberry and honeysuckle, the deer, the muskrats and all the goldarned freakin squeakin birds. And just feel those hot needles on your back.