game over

The jigsaw puzzle is done, the presents are wrapped and I'm headed up to watch Erin's barn get delivered—and not incidentally to get rid of the truck for the winter.


maria andrews said...

Please not to stay away too long. I expect we'll be working soon.

Querido Sr. Hanselman: Espero con los empleos de escándalo de Bernie Madoff en la vereda rápida será más difícil de adquirir.
Pero, mi compañero yo estamos todavía impacientes para ver el verde al otro lado.
Por favor avíseme cuanto antes si usted tiene una apertura para nosotros. Sinceramente, Maria Andrews

So, how's my spanish coming? Mt. Kisco, we are on our way!!

Dear Mr. Hanselman: I expect with the Bernie Madoff scandal, jobs in the fast lane will be harder to come by.
But, my partner and I are still eager to see the green on the other side.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you have an opening for us. Sincerely, Maria Andrews

neruda said...

O.K I just wanted to say I like the new decor so very new york....mirrors lights wow! sorry to have missed the puzzel....

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