on deck

 So the deck kind of needed replacing. Like, there were big holes in the boards, which were only installed ten years ago. But anyway, off with the old, on with the new (treated) wood. The remaining old wood has been ripped off, and the new wood is sitting in a pile underneath. Erin and I bought the wood, and then drove two blocks to the float outfit. By the time we got there the 12-foot boards were almost coming out of the five-foot truck bed. Yikes! But then we floated down the Eleven Point River in kayaks for a couple of hours, seeing no humans, but an otter and herons and minnows—without either of us dumping, though I came close. The river was about a foot high and still a bit murky, but where the springs fed it it was clear aqua and cold. When we got back to the truck, Erin rearranged and restrapped the boards, and we drove home at 40 mph

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Debby said...

I'm not surprised that you are putting Erin to work repairing your place. I'm glad you let her have a little fun kayaking down the river, and I'm sure she'll also enjoy meeting your Missouri friends.