jailhouse rock

Powerwashing and bleaching
 I guess we can all agree that almost anything would be better than this. The front is (mostly) pink, but the rest of it looks like this. Yeah. So it will be painted, and I was going to go for pink again until I found out that the Goose was once the hoosegow. Yes, in the late 1800s it was a jail, according to a 96-year-old lady who stopped to chat with me. Her grandfather kept records of all that went on in Thomasville, and this building was erected in 1889. The windows were cut out later, when it became a filling station, a cafe with an apartment upstairs and, "the old post office," as one local calls it. But jailhouse. Let's rock with that. I now think gray. I'm ready to perk it up with violent trim. I'll take votes on that.

After powerwashing

The grays. Going with the less blue one, bottom.


swampgassy said...

Er, sorry. Can't tell the diff between the colors. But I like the idea of your color choices.

Lynn O said...

I like Jailhouse Rock🎶