So, Hannah launches a new website.

Chien-Chi Chang's photographs from the set of Alfonso Cuaron's Oscar-winning Roma are on Magnum's website.

Maggie Wong, formerly known in this space as Gallery Girl and now an instructor at the Chicago Art Institute, explains one of her own shows in this erudite interview.

St. Louis, Mo.,  comes in first as the murder capital (capital murder?) of the US.

A Block Island resident is also videotaped in the sex sting that caught Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

 On a lighter note, here are vacation rental complaints from the other side.

Donna Ferrato is off to Spain and then Dubai for workshops. She has also almost finished her book.

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Christian said...

While some people are giving workshops for wealthy Arab ladies in Dubai, and others are hobnobbing with Men of the Hour in L.A., I am lying on the couch for the second (or is it third?) year in a row, too exhausted to move. Last night I had a conversation with my best friend Leonard, who joined this third (or was it fourth?) wife Ruth in Heaven about a week ago.

Leonard said “Everything is wonderful”, and he is wearing brown contact lenses.

I said " But Sweetie.. you aren't supposed to need corrective vision where you are. Everything is supposed to be perfect."

Leonard, who had blue eyes last time I saw him , said : "My vision is! But Ruth says she always wanted a “Brown Eyed Handsome Man.”

Good to know that Dead or Alive, some men still do their best to please us.