Lumahai, back in the day.
My favorite beach in all the world is Lumahai, where a stream of cool fresh water flows across the sand and into the ocean. It is the location for South Pacific and many another film. My college friend Laura, with whom I first came to Kauai, recently sent me these pix of me and her and Hannah and her son Sam playing there. I couldn't get there this time because the road from Hanalei has been closed for over a year due to landslides and flooding.
Lauda, Hannah, Sam, me
I thought I might get over at least to Hanalei, but I only made it as far as Poipu, where I was driven back by a large population of tourists. Not that I have anything against tourists, except that I'd just as soon not hang out on a crowded beach where once I bodysurfed alone. And so I heled on back to Waimean and the dry side. It may not have as many waterfalls as Hanalei, but it's a lot less crowded.
Brenneke Beach at Poipu, now

Kekaha beach, first ditch, now


DaDa said...


CBA said...

My favorite beach , too.

I am having a "miss it" fit. Last night it was our old home, now known as the Weir Farm. I miss the bend in the attic stairs. I miss the disfunctional plumbing. I miss the views from the second story windows. I miss my parents and their views on life.

I want to go home.

A nice dip in the surf at Lumahai first.

Claudia said...

I am enjoying revisiting the past—particularly old and dear friends like you—looking forward to the future, and trying to live in the moment. Easier when the moment is in Hawaii in February!