brief history 3

 I know, I know, this is going on and on and on, but I need to explain my dilatory postings. I returned home to welcome four houseguests. That's Clement, of Paris and his girlfriend Lauren, of Toronto; and Jane and Sylvain of Paris and Bretagne. The two couples didn't know one another before, but we were soon en famille. And it was impossible to know whose French toothpaste was in the bathroom.
Jane Evelyn Atwood was in New York to accept an award for documentary photography. Years ago, she and I spent the night locked into a women's prison in Nebraska for a story about, um, women in prison (!) which she did a book about.

And the winner is!

As two of the best known documentary photographers, Donna Ferrato and Jane have been friends for years.

Jane and Sylvain departed later the same day that I left for New Orleans, leaving Clement and Lauren in charge at 98 Riverside.

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