Photo by Kay Maddux
"I had a day of cardinal sins," my neighbor announced. "I did not get dressed. I did not make the bed. I did not brush my teeth."
    She didn't take her calcium either. Though she did take a bath.
"Whose rules are these?" I asked.
"My parents, of course!"
Never mind that she's closing in on 80.
"Even though your parents are dead, it doesn't mean that you're not affected by their rules," she said. She was pleased that despite these moral failings she no longer believes she's going to hell.
   And speaking of failings, and not getting out of bed or getting dressed, I finally cut up the pineapple and tidied up the apartment from Thanksgiving—yesterday. But then, my parents were not whispering in my ear. This is the Apartment of No Regrets, after all. A better place to be housebound I can't imagine.


C "Silver" BA said...

My poor friend. If only she'd try the latest thing we have agreed never to discuss again, which is now added to "The List of Things We Do Not Discuss", that having on it so far Religion and Guns.

Oh yes.. she's promised not to tell me to "sell one of my three vehicles" and I've promised not to suggest she "sell one of her three houses."

Sigh, It would seem that now psychics, new age medicines and old age medicines are all banned.

I will say this.. in nearly 40 years of friendship, if these few things are the only issues we cross swords about, we are doing ok.

I love you!! I hope you are better, If not, Take some Snakeoil!

Claudia said...

Love you too!
A funny story, my neighbor knocked on my door to give me a Mucinex. He explained when to take it. I said, "I must be keeping you awake with my coughing!" He said, "No, no. But it works for me."
So I took one. I guess I will try it tomorrow. Trying new medications always worries me—even over the counter meds.
And of course, patent medicines etc even more so. . .