the house of contamination

Yeah, I know, I'm a big loser. I never call, I never write—and this in the season of conviviality!
I am still sick. Coughing all night, sleeping all morning and finally arising to meet the day. I am now capable of completing two or three tasks and maintaining perhaps one conversation though the sound is a little rusty. I have not been outside since before Thanksgiving. May attempt to buy milk today because the whipped cream I have been using for my coffee seems to have turned. (Unless it is my taste buds that have turned.) Anyway I have taken no new pictures. I guess I could go back into the archives—some 35,000 frames there by last count—but no. I think I'll finish making the turkey soup and maybe straighten up instead.


CBA said...

You are forgiven.'

You muat rest! Don't wreck your recovery by feeling guilty.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

so sorry hope you are feeling better soon....turkey soup for sure...wish I could come make it for you!!! take care xxxoo

cba said...

If i can

CBA said...

If certain people were not so pig headed about Collodial silver, certain people would have been well days ago.