great american eating ceremony 2017

 For the record, this year's crowd—minus Alaa and Kay, who hadn't arrived yet.
Sorry I didn't post before, but I am under the weather with what A Certain Friend says is my annual cold. Still thankful, though socked by the sale of Time Inc to Koch Bros. money.


C "Capone" BA said...

Socked of shocked? Either will do.

It's a gangsta thing to fill up a sock with metal of some sort.. lead, coins, bullets, what ever.. creating a "sap". Then you whack the sap , ie the vic or victim, with the sap. and... bingo! They pay up, pass out, or in your case, are suitably horrified by reality and take to their beds.

XXX Feel better. Love you. And yes, it's an annual event. Sorry!

Claudia said...

Yes shocked.
And it's not this bad every year!