we love art

 Kate Knapp's closing show at The Open Center took place in a hallway between an aromatherapy workshop and a presentation about how to find your intuition. Maybe appropriate given the fact that many of Katie's paintings are florals and all are guided by her intuitive sense of color. The few devotees of her art who showed up at rush hour in holiday season New York were wowed by what they saw.


C "Silver" BA said...

Wow! Katie herself is looking very svelt and comme-il-faux! Hope it was great fun.

The Open Center sounds like just the kind of place our dear Blog mistress should be!

I bet the very name sends her into paroxysms of ... I don't know what. Past Life Aversion Awareness? I hear there's an opening in the next workshop.

Anonymous said...

Her work is gorgeous. Just googled and saw more online. I wonder what they cost. I want one!

Claudia said...

They range from $300 to $1000 if sold by her, priced according to size. Special deals for friends! Ask me for info. These are leaving New York on Monday.