waves upon waves

Could not resist another picture of the waves in front of the house—breaking right on the dune.
Meanwhile, there is a lot of catchup and roundup.
Jamie lost a new friend and neighbor in France, photographer Louis Stettner. His obit in the NYT.
A rather funny video about Casa de la Noche, the former bordello we stay in when in San Miguel. The video does not do it justice.
My pianist brother Ben debuts a new jazz record made with a principal cellist of the Berlin Symphony. You cane hear portions on Facebook.
The photographer Lynn Johnson has done a podcast about how caring she is on No Filter. I have not listened to it, but you may wish to.
The photographer Donna Ferrato has done a video with Time magazine on the importance of photography. Associated article here.
The Block Island Times has done a story about how the ferry aided in the Hudson River rescue of the downed plane. I believe it played itself in the movie Sully.
An interview in PDN of photographer Mark Peterson, whose instagram pix of the political campaigns I have much admired.
And don't forget Hannah's live Facebook auction of a Paul McCartney guitar string bracelet this Thursday!

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

actually the block island ferry did NOT get any recognition in the film! someone said they thought it would have cost too much to hire it? they made it into a NYC ferry rescue scene....too bad went to see it on the island waiting to cheer for the fast ferry! no such luck