the voter

The voter, with granddaughters Eva and Madison (whose birthday is today)

"Do you think maybe once you're over ninety you aren't allowed to vote?"
    "No, Mom, you can vote until you die."
    "I let my passport expire. Do you think that's a problem?"
    "No. You don't have to have a passport to vote. You're a registered voter."
    And so began the crusade to get my mother, who lives in Mexico, an absentee ballot. She voted in the primary (for Bernie) and has followed the election very closely and passionately. But the Maine town clerk who used to take care of everything had retired, and we were at a standstill. In the event, I got her her ballot request, emailed her the ballot, and she managed to get her printer working to print it out. Phew. She did not feel equal, however, to emailing the ballot in. "I just mailed it, Claude. I couldn't deal."


Nose Bite Kitty Esq. said...

Madame Dowling, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: La question ici est pas "Puis-je voter?", Mais "Can mon vote pour animaux de compagnie."
En vertu de la nouvelle loi de mon cabinet a proposé qui sera bientôt devant le ministère de la Justice ici en France, les propriétaires d'animaux d'un certain âge peuvent choisir d'avoir leurs animaux votent pour eux.
S'il vous plaît ne laissez pas vos enfants de vous induire en erreur en pensant que vous devez maîtriser un ordinateur et comprendre l'Internet dans l'exercice de votre droit d'exprimer votre vote. Si notre amendement est fait droit, patte ou le nez de l'impression de votre animal de compagnie va bientôt suffire les jours d'élection dans toute la France.
Nous espérons ici Les Félins pro la Justice que la Cour Suprême des États-Unis suivront, vous offrant le même droit.
Respectueusement vôtre. Nose Bite Kitty Esquire, FPLJ., Paris, France

Et ensuite la translation:

My Dear Madam: The question here is not "Can I vote?", but "Can my pet vote."
Under the new law my firm has proposed which will soon be before the Ministère de la Justice here in France, pet owners over a certain age can elect to have their animals vote for them.
Please do not allow your children to mislead you into thinking you must master a computer and comprehend the internet to exercise your right to cast your ballot. If our amendment is made law, your pet's paw or nose print will soon suffice on election days throughout France.
It is our hope here at Les Felines pour la Justice that the Supreme Court of the United States will follow suit, providing you with the same right.
Respectfully Yours. Nose Bite Kitty Esquire, FPLJ., Paris, France

Claudia said...

If you want to use my mother's dog to file suit, his name is Maximo. But he is actually Mexican, so he might not be an appropriate client.