bill in nyc

Artist Bill Dugan poses in my portrait chair at the Goose in Missouri.

Bill and Carla visited from Missouri. Bill was highly resistant, picturing himself as a Crocodile Dundee. (I'm familiar with the syndrome—my brother Chris does the same thing.) I wish I’d saved Bill’s email from his first day in New York, when he went to the ballet and boasted that he did not fall asleep and wondered why the women ran around on their toes and the men did not. I got wise thereafter. In his own words:
Carla and Bill soak their country feet. photo by Dugan
we made it to the Met & Guginhyme. rain mist all day, lines everwhere.  Got a chicken and vegies at Z's.  Used the crisper in the fridge to soak my feet in epson salts, it cleaned up well, ...just kiding, bought a tub at basic plus...kinda like heaven in stuff for life. Tiimes sq and MOMA tomorrow. . .Whitney, Hight line, and White Horse, back to the apt after tour of Zabar's.  See ya tonite or in am.
Carla bones up on Block island on the way over.

Off we went to Block Island for a week, Bill bearing the foot bath. Then He and Carla returned to the dreaded city for a night.
 . . .Made to the 15D.  FedX stuff, Zbars chicken supper, got some whiskey, smoked cigars on the park bench, heading out in the am...what more is life about
 Home again. I have never been sure whether Bill's spelling mistakes are schtik or not. I don't think I will ever know.
. . .Got a desk for the mouseum, moved it in, took the van to shop for shocks, ran around town, going to Chicago for friends 70 BD & 30 wedding anniversery.  Got home, nap 30 mn and brushoged 3.5 hrs...  Sitting on ice pack on back and taking brown medicine..later bill

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