the judgin'

Judges Dugan and Crider
We gathered in the Harlin Museum in an attempt to give the people of West Plains, Mo., the illusion that they have some culture. It was the photography show, and Bill Dugan had tapped photographer Dennis Crider and sometime photo critic Claudia Dowling to help him do the judgin'. Sadly, there wasn't much to judge, as Dugan had had to beg for entries. He managed to pry a handful out of the populace (and pad them out with a few of his own), and, with a bit of discussion, we arranged them in descending order.
   It was fun to see Dennis, former Quill employee, and hear about his latest project. He is to have a booth selling his wagon train prints at Branson's Silver Dollar City, which I take to be a western-themed mall. He has to wear a cowboy outfit!
   PS This post made Frank mad.  He thought I was saying West Plains had no culture. What I am complaining about is that they do not support their cultural institutions. Like the only museum in town. And actually, like Frank's former newspaper. Of course there are cultured (is that like yogurt?) people here—why do you think I keep coming back!

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