happy birthday, merika


DaDa said...

Town manager quit in a huff; town nurse practitioner bemoans pizza trash on lawn of pizza shop, castigates bagel eaters across the street for not coming to rescue errant boxes; Beach Avenue repaving postponed yet again; local power company for sale causes confusion over its value now that windmills are going up and a link to the mainland power grid has been made by burying a cable in the seabed; local birdlife having trouble flying after feasting on record hatch of tent caterpillars making feral cats purr; local inn takes reservation deposits despite being closed angering tourists with bookings; money for coming fireworks display provided by company installing windmills doing little to appease opponents on the southeast side facing the offshore array of towering blades; muzzle law proposed for canines on ferry dismay chihuahua owners; SWAT team to patrol Crescent Beach on the 4th to minimize beer consumption, public display of genitalia.

Claudia said...

Happy fourth! Glad I'm here and no there!