mountain view

Mountain View, Mountain Home—this area is littered with them. And I must say, the local propane tanks don't add to the view. A lot of these grounded submarines have their little topses painted red, as well. Which makes them super peculiar looking.
But on to other subjects.
Like, how much Mustang, on the border of Tibet and Nepal has changed since the year 1992, when I and a group of women were among the first trekkers allowed to enter the Kingdom of Lo. Now there's a new highway. We walked and rode ponies.
A very good panel discussion about women in photography, which I watched the entire two hours of, mainly to see the talented Maggie Steber do her dithery impression of herself.
Speaking of photography, Michael Gross, who went to Vassar at the same time I did and has made quite a career of covering the rich and famous, has a scandalous new book out about fashion photographers: Focus.  He has dished out a little extra material here.
And still speaking of photography, Fanny Ferrato and her sister Katherine Holden (both took their mothers' names) have launched their father Philip Jones Griffiths' website, with many fabulous works from his oeuvre, from the Beatles to Vietnam.
And that's probably all you can take for one day.

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