yard art

Festive Fourth of July display
 Dianne and Frank and I went to Home Depot in Mountain Home, Ark., yesterday, passing through many hamlets with peculiar names (being as they were in Arkansas—just look at the map sometime). Frank did a double take at the fence row of stuffed animals and turned around to do a cruiseby as I shot out the window.
   Meanwhile Dianne wants to know why I did not post the picture of myself below in the hayfield. It was for approximately the same reason she wanted me to throw the picture of her in the hayfield away forever: i.e. vanity.
Me and my mason's jar of ice coffee with Dianne's trailer


Dianne said...

Oh, noooo...your pic is MUCH better; you didn't lose the fight!

Claudia said...

How is it that we look fine to ourselves in the mirror or in a purposeful selfie but not the way someone else sees us?

Dianne said...

Oh, Lordie, I HOPE my usual look is NOT like that HORRIBLE picture that you MUST trash!