think pink?

 The setting for the portrait series has been disrupted. I had had it with trying to keep the pale green floor clean, repainting spots here and there as the paint peeled up. And it was garage floor paint! I thought it would be perfect for a cement floor, but it wasn't. So I went for a darker but hopefuly still glowy color. It is awfully pink right now, but as it gets dirty I think it will be just the color I want. And I hope that this oil based polyurethane paint that was quite hard to find will be just the ticket.  However, I am not sure what to do about the last bit, which will prevent me from getting up the stairs. And no, it doesn't dry overnight.


Debby said...

Looks good.
Maybe you can paint close to the stairs and jump to the stair landing?

otra rubia said...

Love the pink! Paint and then camp out upstairs until it dries. Rig up a basket on a pulley from the terrace so friends can replenish supplies. And pray it doesn't rain.