wrapping up

 The new railings were blinding when I left them, thanks to bro-in-law and sis-in-law and daughter. And sis and bro and Sam, all of whom had a hand. I was inspired to mount the old railings on the underside of the house. Then bro and sis in law gifted me with two sofas, which I put in the master bedrooms at Hannah's and Claudia's. Thank goodness for The Family That Ate The World!


swampgassy said...

Looks GREAT!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

pink pillow on black leather sofa needs to be moved to far left...to rest one's back against as one looks out at the amazing view from lovely windows...(not so good with painting)that sofa is so inviting...does this comment mean that I am obsessive ??

Claudia said...

Closer, the pillow is actually orange with a beige weave. I agree that the squares near each other are not perfect. It was to conceal a gap in the other pillows. We'll keep working at that one.