hellos and goodbyes

 Farewell to all this. Yesterday, my little Treyton, now tall and handsome and a high school freshman, came by with his mom to clean out their Thomasville house and say goodbye. They have moved to the outskirts of St. Louis, surely a more suitable place to grow up than Thomasville, a town mainly inhabited by old people and ghosts.
   And I stopped by to say goodbye for the nonce to Frank and Dianne, and to watch them watch their cow, hoping she would go into labor. She did, finally. Why do brths seem to happenb in the middle of the night? And at 4:28 am, Dianne sent the following: "Twins---one dead, one alive & one very PO'd cow that wanted to kill me! Left everything in the field & finally to bed!!!" And now, I'm off.

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Dianne said...

Safe travels & see you again soon!!!