another vacant gas station

Rodney came to mow the lawn yesterday. (Every man in this town is named Rodney or Randy, FYI. I have never met any women from this town so I don't know what their names may be.) He and his wife, Kim (oh, I do know her name!), were working at the former gas station, which was being run as a kind of antiques/cokes/chips store. No gas was for sale. The gas price on the sign is from the last time gas was so low; tthe tank apparently needs expensive repairs. They probably bought the few food items from Walmart, a half hour away, and brought them to town. People used to spend hours playing pinochle in there, but nobody bought much. Apparently the folks running it decided not to reup their lease. Rodney and Kim wanted to take it over, but the owner's children ("They're like judges and stuff.") didn't want to lease to them.
 The price wasn't too stiff: $500 a year. And it has a nice doublewide outhouse.

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Madame C Tarot Reader said...

If you can get it, we can expand our YouTube and boiled peanut business big time.


Not to mention I Ching readings.