end of an era

Steps to the former back door (and Frank's office) next to the loading dock.
 Frank, editor and publisher of the West Plains Daily Quill sold up last year. It was a sad day for the old guard, who left, for the most part. Some remembered Frank's father, who ran the paper before. They were literally ink-stained wretches: The editor's office had two doors, one into the newsroom and the other into the pressroom, where the papers were printed. A gaggle of newsboys with canvas bags used to gather outside awaiting their bundles to deliver on their bikes
   The new owner of the Quill owns several small papers and has bundled their printing into one plant in Arkansas. Readers receive the paper the next day, but since it is dated the day it is mailed rather than the day it's printed, they have the illusion of getting their news hot off the presses. I can't help but mourn the passing of the old ways.
The snazzy new office, sans press, a block away from the old building.