the march of time

Fom Time magazine's "office," the Chrismas-ready Freedom Tower and 9/11 memorial.

Otra Rubia in one of Time Inc's lobbies.
She looks happy, but maybe she was just glad to see us. The last of the Time Inc. magazines has relocated from the "Time-Life" Building at Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan to the World Trade tower area. The office itself is one big bullpen with some super weird privacy chairs, soundproof glass booths, opaque crying rooms and killer views. Outside it looks like Chicago or someplace. All new glass towers, waterfront parks, public sculpture, high end malls and food courts. Unlike the New York or Time Inc. of my experience.


DaDa said...

It was over a long time ago, for all practical purposes when Hurley's Saloon (a 4-story red-brick building dating back to 1892 that became surrounded by the mass of Rockefeller Center, on 49th Street and 6th Avenue) bit the dust in 1999.

Some say the writing was on the wall even earlier when the original franchise became diluted by an ever-expanding list of glossier magazines and a bloated editorial hierarchy removed from the Ivy and Seven Sisters network who knew how to dress, drink, think and type all at the same time.

Claudia said...

Dress, drink, think, type—you must be talking about me!

otra rubia said...

She was very happy to see you.