Bubba Richard and Bubba Merrell came to the Big City all the way from Alabama. Well, they aren't really bubbas, they are actually my cousins. One of them is even lactose intolerant. He used to be gluten-free but has lost the faith. Too bad, I wanted him to have a call-in show. Anyway, we went from the Upper White Side all the way downtown to the Staten Island ferry, with a stop in Chinatown for lunch. And then we rode the Seaglass carousel, which was a trip, and took the subway home. A big outing.
  Most of my friends and family can't believe I went along as the native guide.


Anonymous said...

The good old Staten Island Ferry, commonly called "the boat."

Can't beat that view. Or that price. :)


Dianne said...

IF we ever make it back do you promise to do the 'tour' with us?!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

where is the sea glass carousel?

Claudia said...

Dianne: Maybe
Kate: In battery park right next to Staten Island Ferry