why i like the ozarks part 2

I wish Falling Spring didn't appear to be plashing on Dianne's head (in other frames it appears to be plashing on Frank's) but in any case the curmudgeon and the lady-of-all-work are two of the main reasons I like the Ozarks. The scenery—even Falling Spring which erupts from a cliff face—is immaterial in comparison with  great friends.
   I will miss all of you.
   Til next year!


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

nice portraits of happy people regardless of where the water is landing...what are those wonderful green lily looking things?

CB :No 'Zarks 4 Me" A said...

Eww!! The Ozarks! Who wants to go there?? There are lots of bugs and skinks and none of the stores sell Dove Bars.

Better go to Martha's Vineyard, ya'll.

William Hill said...

CB's visitor permit was revoked and is canceled.

C "Mums the Word" BA said...

Who he?