why i like nyc


C "Mums the Word" BA said...

Now you're talking. Or not talking, rather. About the Ozarks.

Everyone goes to New York any way. And when they go there, they want to stay with you.

Oh, M.G! Stroke of genius! YOU SHOULD OPEN A HOTEL IN N.Y.!!!

You'll just need backers.. you have, essentially, beaucoup hotelier experience. How many years have you been renting out your houses on B.I.?

Just read this and get going: http://www.wikihow.com/Run-a-Small-Hotel-or-Guesthouse

The guests will continue to roll in, but this time the bucks will, too.

No more F***ing cheesy gift certificates to Zabars, etc.

Make 'em pay.

And keep them away from the Ozarks!

Claudia said...

My apartment has already been dubbed the Dowling Intercontinental.
But I can't charge without losing my place.

C "Hilton" BA said...

You missed my drift.

Open a real hotel. It could be what they call a "boutique hotel".. small and intimate, often in converted brownstones and the like.

You need at least 20 rooms, I'd say.

You could call it "Claudia's City City"… the natural progression after C. S.C. .

Go for it.

DaDa said...

Hi Ed.