There's a little more to go before I get my heart out of the Ozarks. Here's a music video by some local artists in some of the area beauty spots. Turns out, our own West Plains makes one of the most redneck cities. On the other hand, here's a reminiscence about the Shaws, the richest family in Thomasville, where I live.
   But I am starting to think Block Island as well. Not as redneck. but. Or should it really be called Block Island? Yes, it was the Isle of the Manisses. But then Verrazano named it Claudia's Island. Block is least historical.
Meanwhile, here are a few photographic, links.
Maggie Steber talks about the image of the dead Syrian child on The Takeaway.
If you'd care to investigate The Erotic Eye on Mallorca with Donna Ferrato, sign up here. For her recent work for Mother Jones about the war on abortion, see this and this.
Chien-Chi Chang is doing a workshop in Bangalore.  I suggest you go to that page and click the link to his Instagram feed, which is amazing.
I think that's all the links anybody can cope with right now. You have the weekend to catch up.

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