ozark eats

After a fine breakfast of cold steak and quail eggs, we headed off on an expedition and wound up at the Stray Dog barb-b-q. Frankly, menu items like The Dog Pile did not entice me, although the bite I had of a fellow diner's sandwich was unexpectedly good. We then explored the substandard housing market in several Ozark towns (not on my account—I already have my very own piece of substandard housing!), topping off the gastronomic journey with a soft serve ice cream cone.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

where do you find quail eggs? is this something offered at the local market? or do you have access to the nest? and if so how?

Claudia said...

Folks at the farmer's market raise quail and sell the eggs by the dozen in little bitty egg cartons.