how she rolls

I forgot to post these pix from CBA's visit. Even without the four cats, she does not travel light. She brought her down quilt, pillows, reading light, sugar (for her coffee), paper towels and all of these bags (plus another row not visible in picture) full of I-don't- know-what. Personal possessions. For four days.
Puts my What's-In-the-Truckloads of couches and chairs and food to shame.


Anonymous said...

Apparently she doesn't want your bedside-table cooties to get on her shit!

CBA said...

Next time I bring the cats.

CBA said...

If you are not careful, I will post that video of us dancing to "You Dropped the Bomb On Me" Cate took a few years ago.

So: It looks like a lot, but at least there were no air conditioners, mid-century modern chairs and table sets, or sofas in MY TRUCK!!

En Garde!

What I did bring, in anticipation of a 5-6 day stay, in four cordura duffles was:

5 pairs of Levis
6 white shirts
2 sunwashed canvas shirts
2 pajama bottoms
2 white t shirts to sleep in
2 bathing suits
1 pair of boots
down throw
my own pillow (at your suggestion)
tiny reading lamp (lest I disturb you at night)
electronics:i.e. compudre, cells phones, camera and corresponding chargers
1 small lucite cosmetic case with soap, toothpaste etc

I retro Hunter chrome desk fan (a gift!)
6 pack bounty (one never knows)
jar of sugar (you don't use it, I do)
Duncan's book

NOW: what's so much about all that??

swampgassy said...

I'm calling you, CBA, the next time I need to evacuate.

Claudia said...

@CBA Finished Duncan's book yet?
And I love the fan. Moved it upstairs for sleeping.
@Swampgassy Hope you NOLA people don't have to evacuate for a long time now, and that CBA is there to pack for you.

Anonymous said...

Paper towels - nice touch!

- Doro