the way home

OK, the roundup.
Daughter Hannah has a new website whose strings are you wearing where you can post selfies with guitar string bracelets. Profits are donated to various charities.  You can see which ones on the site too.
 Stepmother (hah!), Jan Jenner, has published a new edition of her biology text Beyond Race: Human Biological Diversity. It comes very apropos, as it shows that, as far as genomics are concerned, race is an artificial distinction. Put paid to questions about evolution immediately, before we elect a Republican to the White House! Order for your classroom today!
Yes, I'm on my liberal high horse bigtime these days! Almost 10 percent of Americans have severe anger issues and access to guns, according to recent studies.
And speaking of anger issues, on a lighter note (ha!) "Woman Stabs Roommate for Refusing to Stop Listening to Eagles." One might think she is from the Ozarks, but she isn't.
In a different demographic entirely, photog pal Derek Hudson has published a short book about  Millenium Britain, from lower to upper crust. I am planning to buy it here.  What's hanging me up is the pound thing.
A brilliant tumblr site called  Gluten Free Museum depicts what works of art from Van Gogh to Warhol would look like without wheat or products that contain that contaminant. I am still waiting for the "Bubba Richard's Gluten-Free Call-In Radio Show." Sigh. Sorry. That isn't very PC.

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swampgassy said...

LOVE the Gluten Free Museum. Sharing.