i hate my ceiling

The Worst Feature of the Goose
Every year I swear I will deal with this. And the well. My dream is to have a proper shower. I went so far as to put in a new well and buy a new pump last year, but there was failure to hookup. Now I have to have a 220 line installed for the pump. So now I need an electrician and a plumber. I also purchased several panels to see how a tin ceiling would look. It would look fine, but I proved unable to handle it well enough to install without making a mess. That requires a carpenter. "You would think that in such a depressed area people would be looking for work," says Dianne."But they're not!"
   She speaks from deep experience.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

ooops...should have brought some with you...carpenters and plumbers that is...was there room in the back of the truck?

Dianne said...

Amen, sister!