quail eggs and morels

Earthy There is nothing better than a morel lightly floured and sauteed in butter. For info about how to find your own check this out. There is also nothing better than a boiled quail egg dipped in mustard sauce unless it is a raw quail egg atop sushi. The problem with boiled quail eggs, though, is that peeling them is even more impossible than peeling a very fresh hen's egg. Don't talk to me about hacks like baking soda, ice water, shaking in a glass, blowing out from the top. If it's fresh, it's near impossible! If you have a foolproof method, please weigh in. PS This would be the perfect inland spring meal with the addition of some fiddlehead ferns.

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Claudia said...

PS Best method for peeling quail eggs so far, put a bunch in a jar of water and shake shake shake. The peels don't all come off, but enough to get a start.