where do i belong?

Found this chair in the building's trash. Wish I had four of them, one for every house. But there's only one lonelyhearts chair, and we have to choose.
 It's really kind of a nice aqua, not as green as it looks here, a color that appears in all of my places.
Hannah's Block Island?
New York City kitchen?
Claudia's Surf City, Block Island?
The Goose in the Ozarks?
Vote now. Vote often.


Debby said...

I saw this lovely turquoise leather chair on the street and immediately thought of you. But I felt you wouldn't want just one. How wrong I was. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...


Dianne said...

Definitely The Goose!!!

Pam said...

Seems like it fits at the Goose!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

well if it goes to the Goose I will have to travel far to meet it..sounds like everyone thinks that's what is best...sure is a beauty! lucky you!