not resting in peace

In happier times, as they always say when they don't know exactly when a pic was taken.

Two of the three a year ago this week, overlooking Yankee Stadium, Bronx, June 2013
I went up to the Bronx knowing that it was almost exactly a year since I was last there. Elaine's birthday was coming up—it's on Saturday—and she was planning to go on a country retreat. Barb and I were alarmed by her obvious jaundice, but only Barb was brave enough to call her on it. I hid in sleep. Elaine got mad. "I have eyes," she told Barb. "Do you think I can't see?"
   What should we have done?  Probably by that time, nothing. The last time I saw Elaine was in September. I know because it's on my blog. Goodbye New York/Goodbye friends/Goodbye conversation that never ends.
   Well, that conversation ended. A month later I was on the Amtrak train home when Barb called, hysterical, to say she had found Elaine's body. I wrote this obit.
   I love Elaine, but I was mad at her. I guess I'm over it, though, because I recently dreamt that she and Barb and I were going out to dinner. "Elaine," I said. "I thought you were dead!!"
  Happy birthday, Elaine. Miss you mucho.


cba said...

Bet you were actually with her, on an astral plane.

We miss her, too.

That's me CBA and CSLDAJ.

Claudia said...

Linda Gomez just called to say her friends and relations thought that was HER in the pic and it was news to them she was dead!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

still regret not calling her and reaching out with some kind of hope?