Roberta's kitchen window in Block Island. Maybe I should post on the Book.
This virtual life is odd. I am still in Block Island, dealing with grills and linens and trash and weather—and hoping that all systems are go for the next three months—and I am in increasing communication with my friends in the Ozarks, who I am missing and hope to see soon, but I am physically in New York, seeing people in person who I mostly talk to these days via Skype and text. Then there is my family: aging parents in Mexico (thank you Google Translate for the ability to e mail with caregivers) and Alabama; my delicious grandbabies whose fast growth I try to keep up with on Face Time. There is this blog, plus Facebook and Instagram, not to mention Words With Friends. Communicating on multiple platforms (often simultaneously) undreamed of a decade ago takes up much of my time, as does hooking up modems and berating telephone companies. I know I am hardly the first to write about this—but still. Where am I? Betwixt and between.


DaDa said...

What boat did you get here on?

Anonymous said...

You could also call it "Neither here nor there."

-Anonymous troll