i like a truck

That's CSC in rear. photo by John Gasner @1985
In a frame that might be designed to contrast with the fiery cityscape of yesterday, my bro-in-law sends in this old shot of the bucolic compound on Block Island. That's the original Surfmobile (blue) on the right and a couple of John's ancient vehicles. I wish we still had those trucks, but in the interest of the community, we had to head em up and move em out. I don't know what the dump charges these days, but I used to drive vehicles too rusty to pass inspection and park 'em there for a few hundred. I recollect at least three. I left the keys in, of course.


Not Norman Rockwell said...

Then became home for mice, bear, and weasel
As I stare--snap open the easel

Surfer chick starts the story,
but where does it end?

Wrong question, no glory
Some ears,
only rust can bend

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

this looks like a good painting to be to me...