name that drone!

A friend of mine, let's call him Anon, has been talking about commercial and journalistic use of drones for a long time, Mr. Bezos. In fact, he bought his own (left) some time ago. (Let's hope its camera skills are superior to those of whomever took this picture. )
   Drones are not the only subject on which Anon has been prescient, he complains:
"A year ago I was sitting outside on a terrace having a drink. A guy sat next to me and we chatted. He said he was the head of a document delivery system in NYC. He used bike messengers. I told him I would help him get ready for drones. Just doing cross-river deliveries would have saved him a bundle. And this on a week when it looks like forgotten little islands may start the next war and Lost Boys of the Sudan are on the cover of the NYT magazine. . . Well, on to Allerest acres. . .
  Well not quite. He does have his own drone. He is thinking of calling it Shooting Star. Can you come up with a better name?


Anonymous said...

You have such smart coolfriends

glenn owings said...


Hint: Pynchon

Anonymous said...

Mister Ed?