outside the window


I love a snow day like today. Alternate side of the street parking is suspended. No traffic. You can watch the snow fall as if you're in your own little snow globe, only the snow is outside. The rest of the world just ceases to exist. I'm thinking split pea soup.


otra rubia said...

True, but that first picture. Sublime.

Pauly said...

Paul laced up his Chippewas and stepped from the warm line cabin. He saddle-soaped the well-dried boots the night before and this morning the sun, and the snow, and his Collins double bit promised all he needed.

Sunrise was an hour old, and he felt lucky. The Collins was honed keen and stunt, and he felt good enough to leave the Colt Python in the sock drawer. He knew they wouldn’t be looking for him today. A real Westie rarely left midtown unless it was a paying job.

The wind was down, the raccoons asleep, and somewhere over that ridge was a pea to split.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

yeah I was thinking soup too...stayed home all day and loved the snow just like you said...( soup was left over salmon, veggies and quinoa)

Claudia said...

PS The snow totally fizzled. I was so disappointed in the promised 2-5 inches.