under new management

There was a shock awaiting at the nail salon. The woman who had run the place, the one who knows my daughter and sister and nieces and friends, was no longer there.
  "What happened to the previous manager," I asked the new one.
  "She fell," he said.
  "Oh no!" I said. "Is she okay?'
  "Not her fell. The business fell."
Fell or fail, I guess it has the same meaning. The place was surely buzzing under the new management.
  But I liked the empty store and the women who used to help me with Chinese.


otra rubia said...

Sad. They always gave Ed the best pedicures. And I still have my "frequent flyer" card. I guess it's no good now.

A-No. 1 (back of the boxcar) said...

Incident at Busted Nail

Pay your money and take your chances
Dream, scheme, run lean, then run
Live off the lan’ of a thousand dances
“Fer a taste of your whiskey, I’ll tell about fun.”