the best farm stand

Is it worth going a couple hundred miles out of the way for?
The first place I ever bought Honey Crisp apples was here. Their crop will not come in this year because of drought.
But the heirloom tomatoes were just starting to come in. They had varieties I've never heard of—Abe Lincoln, Box Car, Green Zebras, White somethings—sorry, not home, will correct tomorrow or whenever I get Internet access at the Goose.  And scored my fave Brandywines. Probably should have bought more but couldn't face buying white ones.
I tracked them down on the interweb and called to ask them to save me some. They did, and were very happy to see their New York-Missouri client roll in.


bkmaddux said...

They sell tractors, too.

I want that Ring Bell for Service sign.

neruda said...

I have painted some fine tomatoes in my time..wish I was there to taste them