independence day

Independence Day fireworks from Hannah's Hideaway, 2006
I wish that certain people I know had independent means.
There are people who deserve to be paid just for being in the world. Most of them are bad with money.
There's the motelier who saves old dogs and old kitsch and has a genius for creating outrageous environments that bring disparate people together (and we're talking really disparate).
There's the writer who's always in debt because he gave his time away to the old lady next door and his money away to the loser he met on the street.
There's the musician who will serenade you and fix your computers for free.
There's the photographer who wants to end violence against women and sexually liberate everyone in the world.
There's the humorist who spends her days devising elaborate and hilarious stunts to amuse her friends.
   And it seems like every day there are more foreclosures and title pawns and other desperate circumstances among my friends, particularly the artists.
    Some kazillionaire needs to set up a coolness grant for people who live lives that are works of art, people who have the gift of being happy and who make others happy.
We need our independent thinkers to be independent.


Dianne said...

Where's the thumbs up or Like button for this blog?

cba said...

Bravo, and God Bless!! Whoops! I forgot... you don't believe in Him.

And then there's the Rock, to whom everyone turns, often as many as twenty times a day, with their woes, their dreams, their victories and their fears.

The Center of our Universe. Cut her the healthiest paycheck.

bkmaddux said...

First you need to win mega-millions. (Hurry up and do that already.) Then you set up the Dowling Grant. That it's for cool people is implicit in the name. xox